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An exciting new offering – All my listings get their own custom website and URL

I’m excited to offer this brand new service for my customers – a service available exclusively from myself, Pat Powers, and through my website at

*Special offer for my clients*

As returning to Real Estate after a one year absence, I’ve racked my brain for the last couple of weeks to try to find a way to be different and innovative. Specifically, how can I stand out from the pack in a way that provides added value to my clients for using me as their REALTOR, in such a way that is consistently achievable on a day to day basis. And then I came upon it.

According to the National Association of REALTORS, 88% of home sales start with an internet search. Since the mid 1990′s, I’ve built professional quality websites for clients.

As a REALTOR, I put my thinking cap on to see what I could do for my Real Estate clients to give them an advantage over the homes they’re competing against in the market place – and the answer was simple – provide clients with a dedicated custom website for their home listing, each with a unique URL (commonly known as their “www dot” name) to help promote, showcase, and market your home on an individual basis.

Out of all the REALTORS in the Brookings Area, I’m uniquely positioned to offer this service exclusively to clients – at no additional cost – as a value added product that will help sell your home. No other REALTOR in Brookings has the technical ability to do this.

In addition to creating a website with it’s own URL, I’ll also register that web name with several major search engines, including Google and Yahoo, to help gain maximum exposure for your property. It will also be listed on Century 21′s National website, as well as other major home search engines. My job is to get your home sold, and by putting your home in the place where people are looking, and giving it prime exposure, it increases the chance that your home will be seen by the right buyer.

Call me at 605.690.6853 to find out more, and to start your home sale today!


What’s trending in 2013 for Kitchens?

From Yahoo News – refacing old cabinets is one of the 5 trends in 2013 for updating your home:

Trend #1: Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want a fresh look for your kitchen cabinets, but don’t want to go through the hassle of actually replacing them?

Good news: Kathleen Donohue, an award-winning designer with Neil Kelly Designs, says that refacing cabinets – not replacing – is in. Donohue says this trend is in because people are watching how they spend their money. And since refacing is the process of just changing cabinet doors while maintaining the original cabinet structure, it’s a much less expensive option.

And when it comes to cabinet refacing, think simple and sleek, says Donohue.

“When refacing cabinets, a clean, simple contemporary look is winning out, both from an updating standpoint, and a trend to eliminate unnecessary clutter and fussy details that equate to high maintenance and complicated living – both unpopular trends,” says Donohue.

Read it all here.

And remember – if preparing a home for sale – don’t start pouring money into updates without speaking with your Realtor first – it may not be worth a dollar for dollar return, and in fact, could be a very expensive amenity to offer the next owner.




Great advice if you are contemplating a sale

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your home before you sell – keep in mind the cost of the upgrade versus the benefit YOU are going to get out of it. Because someone might not have the same idea.

From Yahoo Homes:

Adding unique features to your home makes sense if you like those things and are planning on enjoying them yourself, according to Moeslein. Just don’t expect to recover the total cost when you’re ready to sell.

Other contractors agree: “If you are considering adding a ‘special touch’ to your home to entice new buyers, save your money,” says Aja Covell, a certified general contractor and the owner of Investcove Properties, a residential development company.

Why? These personal touches – anything from funky kitchen tile to accent paint to wall decals – make it harder for other families to picture themselves living in the house.

Instead of adding unconventional touches to your home, consider updating different elements in your kitchen – like your cabinets, for example. Complete kitchen remodels can be complicated and costly, but small upgrades take less time, cost less, and can often be done without even hiring a contractor.

Erica Lugbill, the owner and lead designer of Lugbill Designs, a Chicago-based residential design firm, recommends focusing on small “face-lift” projects, such as painting your cabinets, switching out your hardware, installing a tile backsplash, or replacing the countertops.

Read it all here.


Great news about Real Estate in Brookings. – 2012 up 9% in home sales from 2011.

In a meeting yesterday, I heard about how residential sales were up 9% in 2012 over the previous years sales volumes. This trend bodes well for the Brookings area, as we continue to add families to the community through business start-up and expansion.