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Sell your home with Pat

Why is it that some homes sit on the market for a year while others sell like hot cakes?  Frustrated sellers will blame a bad market, while a good real estate professional will tell you that many times, a slow sale is often attributed to the listing price.

If a home is overpriced, buyers will stay away.  But, if the price is competitive with similar homes in the area and “shows” better than the competition, it will have a better chance of being sold quickly.

The secret is perfecting a technique that’s as American as apple pie: comparative shopping.

Although comparing houses with different styles, square-footages and locations is challenging, real estate professionals still feel it’s one of the best methods to use when determining a home’s market value.

A responsible real estate agent will effectively evaluate a home’s worth through a process known as Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA).  Taking a look at assets, such as a swimming pool, bigger than normal living spaces, a fantastic view, adjacent city parks and other attractions, the agent will begin to compare your home with similar properties, called “comparables,” that have sold in the area within the last six months.  Typically, the agent is able to recommend a realistic price range.

However, factors such as the amount of time needed to sell your home can alter the agent’s price recommendation dramatically.

As a REALTOR, Pat has been through the ups and downs of the local market, and can provide an experienced voice in helping you to set the price of your home, and to market it effectively.  Call today at (605) 690-6853 for an analysis of your home’s value, and what steps you can take to prepare your property for market.

*Special offer for my clients*

As a REALTOR, I put my thinking cap on to see what I could do for my Real Estate clients to give them an advantage over the homes they’re competing against in the market place – and the answer was simple – provide clients with a dedicated custom website for their home listing, each with a unique URL (commonly known as their “www dot” name) to help promote, showcase, and market your home on an individual basis.

Out of all the REALTORS in the Brookings Area, I’m uniquely positioned to offer this service exclusively to clients – at no additional cost – as a value added product that will help sell your home. No other REALTOR in Brookings has the technical ability to do this.

In addition to creating a website with it’s own URL, I’ll also register that web name with several major search engines, including Google and Yahoo, to help gain maximum exposure for your property. It will also be listed on Century 21′s National website, as well as other major home search engines. My job is to get your home sold, and by putting your home in the place where people are looking, and giving it prime exposure, it increases the chance that your home will be seen by the right buyer.

Call me at 605.690.6853 to find out more, and to start your home sale today!