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What’s trending in 2013 for Kitchens?

From Yahoo News – refacing old cabinets is one of the 5 trends in 2013 for updating your home:

Trend #1: Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want a fresh look for your kitchen cabinets, but don’t want to go through the hassle of actually replacing them?

Good news: Kathleen Donohue, an award-winning designer with Neil Kelly Designs, says that refacing cabinets – not replacing – is in. Donohue says this trend is in because people are watching how they spend their money. And since refacing is the process of just changing cabinet doors while maintaining the original cabinet structure, it’s a much less expensive option.

And when it comes to cabinet refacing, think simple and sleek, says Donohue.

“When refacing cabinets, a clean, simple contemporary look is winning out, both from an updating standpoint, and a trend to eliminate unnecessary clutter and fussy details that equate to high maintenance and complicated living – both unpopular trends,” says Donohue.

Read it all here.

And remember – if preparing a home for sale – don’t start pouring money into updates without speaking with your Realtor first – it may not be worth a dollar for dollar return, and in fact, could be a very expensive amenity to offer the next owner.



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